Find another phone to use.

Well, you can't get to your phone, but you do need to call so...are there still pay phones around? There's always the possibility you could find somebody willing to loan you their cell to call, but that's akward and certainly not ideal, either. Well, there's a convenience store nearby, so that seems like a good place to start. The walk only takes a few minutes, and those minutes pass quickly. You walk in the store, where a teenage girl with bright pink hair is lazily minding the counter. "Is there a phone I could use here?" you ask her as you approach.

"Uh, no," she replies without hesitation.

"Well, do you know where I can find a payphone, maybe?" you ask.

"A what?" She raises an eyebrow and, for the first time since you started talking, spares you a brief glance up from her own cell phone.

"A payphone," you explain, "that you can use to make phone calls by paying with change."

"Oh," she says, "there's one over there." She waves you off in a direction, but the motion is so vague you have no idea where she's indicating.