Accept the tea.

"Thank you, sir simian," you say, "I would love some tea."

The leader of the monkeys smiles and leads you through his parting wave of troops, all smiling now as well. They seem anxious to have you for tea. They show you to a warm inviting home built amid the underbrush. The tea you're offered is good, though you feel your host may have been a little too generous with the sugar.

You thank the tribe of primates and stand to leave. "Oh," the head monkey intersects as you begin your departure, 'there is one more thing.' You look back behind you, where all of them are still smiling at you. For a moment, you're curious what that one more thing could be, but only for moment. Your curiosity wanes as your hosts leap in and start to eat you alive. Oh, dear.

Eaten by monkeys, eh? What a shame.